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String Match Guide
Basic Search
^cat$ find exact match for "cat"
^cat find words that start with "cat"
cat$ find words that end with "cat"
cat find words that contain "cat"
Advanced Search
^.ha matches "phase" but not "have"
^.?ha matches "phase" and "have"
^v.*ion$ matches "vision" and "verification"
^[ae].*ion$ matches "attention" and "edition"
^(an|en) words that start with "an" or "en"
^c.*(ion|ive) words that start with "c" and end "ion" or "ive"
  "." = any single character
  ".?" = 0 or 1 character
  ".*" = 0 or more characters
  "[ae]" = matches "a" or "e"
  "(ion|ive|able)" = matches "ion" or "ive" or "able"
Expert Search
^CVVC$ matches words with CVVC structure
^unC matches "unyielding" only if "y" is treated as a consonant

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